Best Places to Retire

Avoid Elderly Abuse

You worked hard all your life, paid taxes, saved money, paid social security, paid medicare, and now the time has come to reap the benefits: to retire, to enjoy the freedom and the leisure, to have a good life. But wait a minute! There is still one question you must consider: where should you retire?
Of course, there are countless lists of ”Best Places to Retire”. They tell you where the best climate is, where the cheapest groceries are, where the lowest taxes are, or where the prettiest people live (sorry – I haven’t found that one yet). But all of them seem to ignore one critical issue: your well being!

Elderly Abuse

Yes, elderly abuse. Studies show that about 95% of seniors in this country are abused, especially later in life, when they need some help and assistance here and there. So the picture is pretty grim – there is only a small chance that you won’t be abused.
And let me tell you – being abused is no fun! The ”nurse” that comes to help you (mind you, these are not real nurses), will slap you in the face, shove the food forcefully down your throat, kick you when your bathroom routine takes a little longer… Some will even rape you on a daily basis, once your memory starts to fade. It’s no fun!

So What Can You Do About It?

Good question! It turns out that some regions of the country are more prone to elderly abuse than others. While some regions harbor rogue care providers for the elderly, other regions enjoy friendly, respectful, ethical providers of elderly care. I am sure I don’t have to say this – it’s better to retire in a region that is less prone to elderly abuse. There, the chance that you will be abused is smaller, although, regretfully, it’s never zero. You (and your family) have to watch out.

How to Spot Elderly Abuse?

Some regions of the country have a tradition of elderly abuse, but how would you find out which ones these are? A good measure is the amount of antipsychotic drugs given to nursing homes residents. Antipsychotic drugs are abused by providers of elderly care in nursing homes. They are given to turn residents into vegetables, so residents won’t complain about the poor care they receive.
So you say, ‘This doesn’t apply to me – I don’t plan to go to a nursing home!’ Sure, but that’s not the point. In a region with multiple nursing homes where every nursing home abuses its residents, there is a culture of elderly abuse among care providers. So, any services you might use – be it home cleaning, cooking, walking, driving, etc. – will carry an unacceptable and uncalled for component of abuse.
Look at it this way: only about 1% of the US population receives antipsychotic drugs, but, in contrast, many nursing homes use antipsychotics on 100% of their residents (according to data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid). That’s clearly unreasonable – it is elderly abuse. And it’s the worst form of elderly abuse – it kills the soul!