Plastic Surgery

What can you expect from plastic surgery?

Outcomes vary by procedure –

Facelift: You’ve probably been impressed by the results of plastic surgery on some personalities. You might have marveled at the 68 year old Diane Sawyer (of ABC News), who looks like a woman in her 30s… Or may be you have admired the 67 year old country singer and entrepreneur Dolly Parton, who likewise looks as if in her 30s. These women, and many others like them, seem to defy age!
But let me tell you – what you see on these women is not at all similar to the common outcome of a facelift! The plastic surgeons that worked on these women are top artists in their fields, and the fees these plastic surgeons charge for their services are outside the range of all but the richest of the rich.
For facelifts, an average plastic surgeon will improve your looks a little, but it won’t make you look much younger than you looked before the surgery.
Breast augmentation: The outcomes of breast augmentation, on the other hand, are usually good. An average plastic surgeon can achieve nice results with breast augmentation.
Liposuction: The skills required of a plastic surgeon to achieve good results in liposuction are somewhat more demanding than the skills of an average plastic surgeon, but not overly so. For good results in liposuction, you need a plastic surgeon that is somewhat above average in his skills, but you can find a plastic surgeon with good skills quite easily and at a reasonable cost.
Before committing to plastic surgery, make sure to look closely at before-and-after photographs and talk to recent patients.

The Best Countries for Plastic Surgery Are Listed in Green; Beware of Countries Listed in Red.

Country Name Maternal Mortality Breast Augmentation Cost Face Lift Cost
Czech Republic 5 4,769 3,786
Croatia 13 4900 4500
Thailand 26 4900 5700
Canada 11 5000 10500
Ukraine 23 5000 7000
Belgium 6 5,123 7,582
Poland 3 5,226 3,260
Lithuania 11 5,450 8,724
United States 28 6,000 8,500
Germany 7 6300 6800