How to Choose the Best Car

Reliable and Durable Cars (listed in declining order of reliability and durability; best cars are at the top in green)

Manufacturer Reliability and Durability
Toyota (including Lexus, Scion) 1.7
Subaru 1.5
Honda (including Acura) 1.4
Nissan (including Infinity) 1.4
Ford 1.3
GM 1.2
Chrysler 1
Mazda 0.9
Hyundai 0.7
Volkswagen 0.6
Kia 0.5
Mercedes (including Smart) 0.4
BMW (including Cooper) 0.4

So, which is the best car to buy?

My recommendation is: buy a car made by manufacturers that are listed in GREEN in both tables. From these manufacturers, buy the largest car you feel comfortable with. These manufacturers also offer car models that are fast and fun to drive. This will get you the best car!

Good luck with your purchase!