The Best Way to Buy a New Car

The great moment has finally arrived: You are ready to buy a new car! This is so exciting — just imagine how much fun it would be driving your shiny new car through the streets! It’s such a special feeling of joy — not many like it.

But there is still one bridge to cross, as they say, before buying your new car: dealing with the car salesman. Dealing with a car salesman is the pits!

But wait a minute! Move over old world, here comes the Internet! One of the great benefits of the internet is that you don’t have to deal with that kind of car salesmen anymore! Buying your new car through the internet can save you loads of money — thousands of dollars, not to speak of the aggravation you avoid.

So, how would you go about buying a car on the internet?

Here is the process of buying a car on the internet in simple steps. Following these steps can save you thousands of dollars. So let’s begin!

Step 1: Choose your car model.

Decide what model of car you want to buy. In a previous article, I explained how to choose the best car.

Step 2: Choose a trim.

Often, car models come in a number of trims varying widely in price. Trims are usually designated by characters or words, such as LX, LE, Turbo, etc. Generally, buying an expensive trim is not worth the extra expense; an expensive trim won’t serve you any better than the lowest cost trim of the same car model.

More expensive trims include some extra features like leather seats or special color combinations, features that are not really critical and won’t add much to a car’s utility. Some high priced trims come with larger engines; again, these won’t add much to the car’s utility, especially not in the traffic congestion we face (no room for serious acceleration).

My recommendation is to go for the lowest-cost trim of the car model you chose; this can save you thousands of dollars, without significantly impacting the car’s utility. In any case, you can buy any trim you like on the internet and save money and aggravation.
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