Inguinal Hernia: Best Treatment

Step 1. Talk to your physician.

Only a licensed physician can diagnose your condition and prescribe a course of treatment.

Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. It is just commentary on scientific articles. Medical advice can be provided only by a licensed physician. Do not perform any exercise or make any health related decisions without close consultation with – and supervision by – a licensed and board certified physician.

Step 2. Check it out

To check the condition of your hernia, lay on your back with your knees folded up to relax your abdominal muscles, and massage your inguinal hernia gently. Are you able to push your bulge back into place, so your abdomen is flat in that area? If the answer is NO, then STOP! do not proceed with the next steps. Do not perform any abdominal exercises. Your hernia requires surgical treatment.

Step 3. You are able to push your inguinal hernia back in

You can try to resolve your hernia through care and exercise in the following manner.

Step 4. Avoid creating pressure in your abdomen.

Avoid coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, and pushing in the bathroom. All these actions create pressure in your abdominal chamber and exacerbate your hernia. If you must cough or sneeze occasionally, apply pressure with your hand against your hernia to prevent further bulge. To avoid pushing in the bathroom, make sure you eat lots of fiber (fruits and vegetables).

Step 5. Get an inguinal hernia belt.

There are many different types of inguinal hernia belts. As each person has a somewhat different anatomy, you must find your own best belt. You can find a large selection of inguinal hernia belts by searching on the web; for example, offers many different kinds.

Order a few different kinds of inguinal hernia belts; to decide which ones to order, look at customer reviews. (As always, be careful to separate the real reviews from the fake ones.) Another important aspect is size – read sizing instructions carefully before ordering each belt. When you receive your belts, try each one for a day or two to see which one is the best for you.

Step 6. Putting on the inguinal hernia belt

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