Inguinal Hernia: Best Treatment

I recommend to exercise twice a week, doing every exercise very slowly and evenly; each session should last 30-40 minutes. This will help build up your muscles. Be careful not to overdo it, as this may cause further harm. More is not always better.

Step 10: Stand up straight

When you stand up or walk around, try to keep your body upright; this helps stretch and tighten your abdominal muscles, making them more able to withstand the internal pressure that causes the hernia to pop out.

Step 11. How long does it take for your bulge to disappear permanently?

This, of course, varies from one individual to another, so be patient! You should start noticing an improvement within a few months of consistent gentle exercise. If there is no improvement within, say, six months, and your hernia is bothering you, talk to your physician about surgery.


When can you stop wearing your inguinal hernia belt?

Continue to wear your inguinal hernia belt for an extended period of time after improvement, to give your muscles a chance to strengthen and bulk-up further.

Never stop exercising.

Good luck with your hernia!

Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. It is just commentary on scientific articles. Medical advice can be provided only by a licensed physician. Do not perform any exercise or make any health related decisions without close consultation with – and supervision by – a licensed and board certified physician.